Start in the library catalog: search for the film by title
  • If the library owns the film:
    • Click "Request for Reserve/Streaming" to request the film to be digitized and streamedScreen shot of "request for reserve/streaming" from the library catalog
  • If the library does not own the film:
    • Use the Suggest A Purchase form (we need to purchase a copy because we only stream library-owned materials)​
    • Be sure to indicate that it is a priority 1 request and ask for the film to be placed on reserve
    • Answer "yes" to the streaming question
  • If the library owns a digitized version (with a link in the library catalog), you may either:
    • Link to the film directly from your Glow course (use the "permalink" option in the catalog to ensure off-campus access)
    • Include it in your Course Reserve request and we will link it for you
For each request, we'll research streaming rights to determine whether we can legally provide a streamed version.
If we can proceed with streaming, we'll post the film to your Glow course and email you when it's ready.

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